>The Insidious Way

He that seeks to enslave me, is my eternal enemy; He who supports him, I am his accuser!

>The Emergent Mind


It takes only a moment of reflection on current state of the world, to come to the realization that; reality in it’s natural state is hostile. Is it the terrible atrocities suffered by children or the ignorant blind hatred exchanged between different ideologies, ethics, religions, nationalities, social classes, or sexes that perpetuate this aggression? The Law of Nature always seems to uphold one truth, conflict is inevitable. Acceptance of this truth should not indicate a reason to develop a resentment of it. We also cannot not commit ourselves to cowering in seclusion. Whether we like it or not conflict ultimately leads to betterment, even within personal conflicts. Each experience gives valuable understanding, wisdom, and knowledge. This realization should invoke the spirit of one willing to do “battle” in life.

Most people are unaware and operate in modalities of mechanical thoughtlessness. The very repetition we use to commit things to memory, seems to work to enslave us to this state of automation. This is the Law of Continuance and owes it’s considerations to the Dimension of Animation. We can see real world occurrences of this force as it extends through out the entire universe. I’ve defined the Law of Continuance as a body or behavior that once in motion tends to remain engaged in that motion until acted upon by an Operator(s)/operator(s). The earth revolve’s on its axis once every twenty-four hours and cycles the sun once every year. When an apple slips from your grasp, it will continue to drop to the ground. When a dollar bill has been folded it tends to crease in the same place. All these examples happen strictly out of behavior. The difficulty with behavior is, without understanding of how or why it occurs, we can do nothing to modify it. Behaviors form within the Microbe World as well. They can be as trivial as the apple or dollar would be. Behaviors may also become the defining core elements of things which effect you and your life on a much greater plane. The analogy of the earth’s planetary orbit and cycle serve as great understanding of behavior. Inevitably all of life upon the earth is dependent upon this tendency of revolve. Should the earth stand still even for a day, would the pandemonium of it ripple through every cycle? I can only suspect what might occur.

Hatred, prejudice, aggression, and a lot of other negative traits can become habit. In some instances these “negative” traits can often be honed to bring forth “positive” effects. In the absence of a conscious operator they are unstable and very volatile. Elements affected by the Force of Continuance are binary building blocks for something greater than its seed. I will talk more about this “something greater” further in this text.

To state something can enslave implies that you can be free from it. That implication is a pandemic illusion. To really get to an understanding of why, I will need to explain my view of the nature of reality. An understanding will have to be reached, of observations I’ve made about man. Unveiling what some would have you believe are hidden truths, cloaked within plain sight.

The Ramification of One

It starts with a single cell. A stable structure of organic material which might seem like the perfect state of simplicity. For very curious reasons, the cell multiples. Why does it multiply? The operator(s) which science has proposed is life cycle. This points to something that I see as downplayed. Prior to being committed to Force of Continuance, we are clued to the nature of Operator(s). I cannot say it was a conscious choice, perhaps not as we understand the concept. Still something recognized the life cycle, and initiated the trouble shooting sequence. The Operator(s) commits the cell to an effect to resolve the life cycle dilemma. The effect of ramification was put into Force of Continuance. The cell must now ramify. This establishes the Dimension of Animation’s first Law, the Law of Rising, as one must always give rise to another.

In staying true with the Law of Rising, since we’ve had one dilemma, it has given rise to another and another. As the cells complexify, so does the inhabitance of Operator(s)/operator(s), Cycle(s)/cycle(s), and effects within the complex. Each instance of multiplication bringing new problems to resolve. Some where along this Darwinian dance of transcendent evolution, the solutions become dependent on prior resolves. When this happens it becomes a field, an expanse of the Law of Influence existing at all points in space and defined by the force it would exert on Material(s)/material(s) placed at any point in space. Each field once again gives rise to another becoming dependent upon the field prior. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Motivation is one expression of this Understanding.

This is the whole of the Microbe World. The smallest environment recognized by man. Man recognizes this environment because he is directly affected by it. This is the Origin of Man, and everything man experiences comes by this. All that he sees, all that he feels, tastes, hears, smells, and knows is manifested from this. In the Dimension of Animation this establishes the Zero Current. In the Zero Current this is the first three dimensional space. Symbolized within the Law of Rising as Polar +1 or P+1. This symbolism is made because everything that exists at this level, exists within an additional dimension of space.

Materialization – The Law of Three

Material/material is the final division of the Zero Current. It is the starting point of manifestation, and all that can be measured. It’s nature can be understood by the equation cause + action = effect. In the Microbe World, all is mechanical; yet all is organically pure. Material/material exists in a state that is seen as a super-position. Potentially having no definite end, except in the case of being taken as having an end. It is the Great Realization which occupies all the Great Mystery, yet is it’s inversion. It can be understood by every creative force (The High Adept) as the paint, as the thing from what; all things come to exist. The proton, electron, and neutron establish the Law of Three. All things exist in this trichotomy; what it can be, what it can’t be, and the operator.

The Emanant Operator

As operator(s) develop to fill the needs of the corresponding fields, they add to the complexity of the organism. Developing biological mechanisms to deal with tasks too complicated for simple operator(s) became necessary. This gives way to our first Operator(s), The Emanant Operator. A multi-leveled, multi-layered complex of traits that composite a Center. I can describe 5 Centers:


The Physical Center is the complex that manages the operator(s) of physical being. It’s job is to organize, and fulfill directives of the corresponding field(s). The Center does this in order of priority. The Emotional and Intellectual Centers exist in the same way. They vary only in their respective traits. Each Center has a distinct set of characteristics, which belong only to its specific category. All things physical refer to the material moving outward into Eden and invert as they contact the Law of Nature. All thing emotional refer to the field moving inward into Atom and extrovert as they contact the Law of Influence. All things intellectual refer to the operator moving circularly and negotiate Adam as man contacts the Law of Continuance. All things perpetual refer to the spirit moving freely and sequence Adam as man contacts the Law of Rising. All things transcendental refer to the soul interweaving and connect Adam to Eden extending to the Zero Current.

Microcosmos – The Small Cosmos – The Atom – All things Possible are Realized in the Duetrocosm – The Atom or Microbe is 3 Dimensional Existence – The Zero Current of Man – Polar +1 – Positive + Neutral + Negative – Cause + Action + Effect – Manifestation – Ninty-Six Forces – Moon – Outer Darkness – Electro-magnetic – Mechanical World – The Final Division

Tritocosmos – The Third Cosmos – The Man – All things Possible are realized in the Macrocosm – Governed by the Laws of Microcosm and Mesocosm – The Man is 4 Demensional Existence – The Absolute of Atom – The Zero Current of Earth – Adam – One Base – Three values +1 – Fourty-Eight Forces

Mesocosmos – Middle Cosmos – All Planets, Or The Earth as the Representative of the Planetary World – World 24 in the Ray of Creation – All things Possible are realized in the Ayocosm – Governed by Laws of Tritocosm and Duetrocosm – The Earth is 5 Dimensional Existence – The Absolute of Man – The Zero Current of Solar System – Eden – Life on Earth – Organic Life – 24 Hours – Twenty-Four Forces

Duetrocosmos – The Second Cosmos – The Sun, The Solar System – World 12 in the Ray of Creation – All things Possible are realized in the Protocosm – Governed by the Laws of Mesocosm and Macrocosm – The Solar System is 6 Dimensional Existence – The Absolute of Earth – The Zero Current of Galaxy – Sun – Life in Solar System – Celestial Existence – Sky – Spirit – Animate – 12 Months – Twelve Forces

The Macrocosmos (Large Cosmos) also known as the Starry World (ex. The Milky Way). World 6 in the Ray of Creation. Governed by the Laws of Duetrocosm and Ayocosm. The Galaxy is a 7 Dimensional Existence. The Galaxy is the Absolute of Solar Systems. The Current of Continuance. The elemental existence of all life in the galaxy. Wonderous and often alien to all we’ve known. Considered the “Large Scale” and Ruled by Six Forces.

The Ayocosmos also called the Holy Cosmos or Megalocosmos (Great Cosmos). All worlds (3) in the Ray of Creation. Governed by the Laws of Macrocosm and Protocosm. The Universe is an 8 Dimensional Existence. The Absolute of Galaxy, which we’ve come to know as Universe.The Current of Chaos. Life throughout the Universe as sacred. Having/Giving definition and most often deified. The “Preserved Whole” in which it isn’t impossible to determine the outcome. A state of constant Transformation, the Ulitimate State of Being. Transcendence of and throughout Reality, Mystery, and the Divine. This is the First Existence ruled by Three Forces.

The Protocosmos or the First Cosmos is the Absolute in the Ray of Creation. Considered before the first existence. The Absolute of everything, or the 9 Dimensional Existence. The Absolute of Universe in that, all that exists, all that has existed, and all that ever will exist began here. Call it creation or the big bang if you wish to, but understand that it all returns to here. This is “The Zero Current” an eternal state of transmutation where death begets the living. Eternity as ethereal timelessness. Primordial and Ancestral existing without distinction or definition. A driven force, which I can only describe as pure unadulterated Will.

Unfinished.. Gotta change that..

>The Flow of Knowledge


The image above represents a thought experiment performed by myself, as an effort to better understand the influence of knowledge. The premise of doing so began with the idea that; by categorizing, and sequencing the different species of knowledge within the enneagram; we could begin to see relationships and movements between them. In this way we might come to realizations about knowledge. Those realizations may teach us about how we come to knowledge, what it means to really know; and chart the path to gaining higher knowledge.

I should begin by describing knowledge in 3 primary states. I have always been a fan of the idea that all living things exist in a superposed fluctuation of 3 states. One example of each of these states are water, vapor, and ice. In knowledge; wisdom, application, and enlightenment are those superposed fluctuations. Each pulling from the influences of the other to give rise to the next.

Wisdom is an earthly, timeless, and ever-present knowledge; undeniable with constant and dependable characteristics. Its emphasis is on the empirical and is organic by nature. When what we see and physically experience in the exoteric is raised by logic, we recognize the correlation; finding wisdom as it bleeds into application. Some speak of this as ‘common sense’. We all know sense of this kind, is anything but common.

Application, is better defined in my mind, as a knowledge gain by doing. The connectivity described by such knowledge, demonstrates both wisdom and enlightenment; pulsating between one and the other. Still others might come to this calling it gnosis, and I would not offer a counter. Application is clearly the guide rail allowing for movement between its 2 counterparts.

Enlightenment is given rise to through application. In my mind, it occurs when a truth is discovered in deed, that was not previously recognized. It is that moment when you can ‘feel’ the two pieces snap together. A moment of clarity and intuitive understanding. With the attainment of enlightenment, we come back to our application. We then apply our higher understanding within our application, and those result bare wisdom. Thus the pendulum sways.

Conceptual knowledge is not difficult to understand, as it in itself, is a concept dealing with conceptualization. What is of interest to me, is its occurrence within our natural mind. The way it spreads. The way we instinctively resonate with it. It is key to understanding all other species of knowledge, and the precursor to all deliberate actions. We work with concepts from our earliest days, on throughout to the end of our time. As this type of knowledge complexifies, and as we repetitively work with established concepts; they become second nature to us.

Intrapersonal knowledge is the ability to access, understand and communicate one’s own inner feelings. It is the how and why that develops our empathy and resonance. It is deeply connected to our analytical mind, to the point, it often ‘clouds’ it. Often we will pretend there is a clear separation between Logic and Emotion, but if experience is an honest teacher; we understand they are not divided. This comparative tool should be standard to any Self-Master.

Linguistic knowledge is (but not limited to) the understanding of persuasive techniques used in audible dialog. This phenomenon is not exclusively to human kind. It can be seen throughout nature, that other species use sounds, patterns, and gestures to invoke a particular impressions to one another. If we have learned nothing else from sciences like marketing, behavioral psychology, hypnotism, and NLP; let us take away this; people can and are moved by words.

Vibrational Spatial Kinesthetic Natural Logical Correlation

>Self-Remembering #rebooted#

The imperfection of our language creates a difficulty in conveying esoteric knowledge through words. Ordinary knowledge is based on ordinary methods of observation and verification of observations. Ordinary knowledge is transmitted and understood best through the use of our language. Esoteric knowledge is based upon esoteric methods and principles of observation. It is the knowledge of things in themselves. Knowledge revealed through an internal state of conscious empathy. Esoteric knowledge is transmitted and understood best through the use of symbolism. Self-remembering is one esoteric principle of observation. Self-remembering demands the necessity of constant work on oneself in order to attain it.

It is necessary to understand what is meant by Self-remembering in this text. As it is not overtly obvious, to the uninitiated, its true meaning. Remembering happens when one becomes aware of self as a process of identification of what is or isn’t self, and how self interacts/reacts with what is being identified. Through this process we learn about our relationship and ultimately assign its identity consciously. That identity is denoted symbolically.

I could write a book, trying to describe a particular tree and still fall terribly short, in helping you to know this tree. After all; how can one describe its relationship to the ground below, the sky above, or the surrounding landscape? An esoteric understanding of it, can be formed by its transference as a symbol. We all instinctively understand the tree as an object. We also instinctively recognize its relations to all that surrounds it, including ourselves. Through this type of remembering, a type of unification becomes obvious. We begin to realize, we are all a part of a larger whole.

Why is this ‘larger whole’ realization essential to self-remembering? The human psyche is one in which, it is sometimes difficult to discern, ‘where the rubber meets the road’; so to speak. Different phenomena will sometimes illicit empathy, making the lines are indistinguishably blurry. In simple examples like our tree, a relationship is developed with the tree. We develop these kinds of relationships throughout our entire existence. Our favorite t-shirt, family pet, best suit, style of drawing, and lucky underwear; are a few examples, of the vast sea, of connections we’ve made to the causal. Over time, our relationships move to, what some call second nature. We trust, we can predict a pattern of behavior or essence of quality. Our relationships become mechanical and is taken for granted.

The Hermetic formulas “As Above, So Below” and “Observe Thyself”, give us a crystal example of esoteric knowledge. Those who’ve possessed esoteric knowledge, were well aware of the unreliability of language, and chose to express it instead by using myths, symbols, and verbal formulas. Thinking back to the tree mentioned earlier in this text we can quickly discern why it might take an entire book to attempt precisely describe that tree.

During one of my trips to China in 2007; I had the pleasure of having drinks, late one night with one of our suppliers. He shared with me, that he thought language barriers were multi-faceted. He went on to explain that, he spoke 4 languages. He chuckled and began talking about how his wife was from somewhere (I forget where) near. but outside of Portugal. He said his wife took her first airplane trip on their honeymoon. Afterwards she excitedly called her mother and talked for 45 mins about the trip. He was a little disappointed, she had taken 45 mins out of the first night of their honeymoon. He asked her what they talked about. She replied “I told her, I got on the plane and I was here and safe.” Since this dialect of Portuguese was unknown to him, he asked “ok? and what else did you discuss?”. She told him that was it. He informed me he had since learned that because their was no word/symbol for an airport or airplane in her native tongue, she had to describe each part and it’s function to her mother. He said he imagined, she had to describe a huge metal vessel with wings like a bird has. That takes off into the air. It holds a lot of people and is controlled by men who are called pilots. The description could easily be imagined (had her native tongue been primitive enough) to become exhausting.

Imagine you had never seen a tree. What lengths might I have to go to, in describing it in precision? What do you feel, are the odds that, in someway I might fall short? I would venture to say; the odds are great. The study of symbols, their construction and meaning, form a very important part of esoteric knowledge . The meaning of symbols, the disclosure of its essence; can only be given to, and can only be understood by, one who already knows the synthesis of and has experienced what is symbolized.

Through Self-remembering and it’s direct relationship to/reflection in you. You are clearly able to recognize your own duality. This unveils what can be seen as mechanical and organic. We begin to recognize, that we are not; our ideas, our desires, our needs, or our environment.

>Identification to Influence

When I first heard Gurdjieff’s notion of ‘considering ‘, I thought it to be a simple concept. Since then my study of it, has concluded it is not simple; nor is it in my opinion complete. Ouspensky (In Search of the Miraculous) offered it in a bi-polar-axiom, with internal/external as the dichotomy. To Ouspensky’s credit though, he does say there are ‘several’ kinds. The Darkhorse offers a third point in ‘considering‘; ‘intentional considering‘. First though… What the hell am I even talking about?

What is ‘considering‘? The term is used in a peculiar sense here. Rather than attempt to give a static definition for ‘considering‘, because of the difficulty of language; I will instead take the same approach Gurdjieff did, and paint a picture. Internal ‘considering‘ happens when you become concerned about how other people regard you. More specifically, how you are treated and/or are interacted with; by others.

“They are such a dick to me” “They don’t trust me” “They are rude to me” etc…

In our mechanical nature, what occurs next arises from a sense of victimization/guilt/corrupted ego; it consumes our ‘Aim‘. On the inside (esoteric), we work to build a facade, which we hope will elicit ‘external considering‘ in others. In other words, it will hold ‘influence‘ over them. Should we fail to elicit the desired behavior; we can easily defend our position by deflecting (stating that they are not addressing your position). I mean, it is YOUR facade; you control its elements.

So how is this “facade” constructed? By the sequencing and implementation of what Dan Dread calls “control memes”. One example of these “control memes”, I have come across recently on the ‘satanic interwebz’, is “The devil is a gentleman”. This element is enacted by those who are fully ‘identified‘, or in other words; are ‘internally considering‘ in a mechanical (unintentional) fashion and are, therefore ‘influenced‘ through ‘identification‘.

External ‘considering‘ happens when we mechanically adapt our behavior/rhetoric to placate another’s ego. Gurdjieff spoke highly of this type of ‘considering‘ . It was his premise that it must remain a constant element, that regardless of the level of initiation; we must either bring them up to our level, or step down to theirs. This is the “facade”, I spoke about above. I would almost agree with Gurdjieff when he says;

“Right external considering is very important in the work. It often happens that people who understand very well the necessity of external considering in life do not understand the necessity of external considering in the work; they decide that just because they are in the work they have the right not to consider. Whereas in reality, in the work, that is, for a man′s own successful work, ten times more external considering is necessary than in life, because only external considering on his part shows his valuation of the work and his understanding of the work; and success in the work is always proportional to the valuation and understanding of it.” – In Search of the Miraculous

Except that his explanation is obviously incomplete. If we are to leave our mental ‘operating system’, set to ‘external considering‘ as the default setting; then we mechanically send and receive these “control memes” without apparent ‘aim‘. To continue the computer analogy, we become a ‘slave drive’ to what might be called the puritan mandate. Gurdjieff seems to understand this as a tool, but never really gives instruction on its use.

That tool, which I will call ‘intentional considering‘; is Darkhorse’s third axiom. To develop an understanding of how to recognize and utilize the ‘psychological motivators’ to render ‘influence‘; is an esoteric task. You cannot be instructed in this; our ‘teacher’ is self-remembering. A key parallel, that can be drawn, is lesser black magick (Thanks Sin Jones). Should you become able to recognize where and when to manipulate the internal/external ‘considering‘ to produce an anticipated outcome; You will have mastered the Darkhorse.

To be continued…



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